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Electronic commerce (also referred to as EC, e-commerce or ecommerce) consists primarily of the distributing, buying, selling, marketing, and servicing of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. The information technology industry might see it as an electronic business application aimed at commercial transactions. Elaborate designs, pleasant to read, initially create a positive impression and have the buying. The buyer transfers any given amount of conventional money in the Bank, and in return receives a certain amount of digital money that exists only in electronic form and stored in a "wallet" (using special software) on the computer buyer. Accordingly, there is a demand for electronic goods, and contributed to the active development of e-Commerce. For example, on the server www.newman.ru contains price information on all kinds of computer equipment that offer various firms in Moscow. We are sure that modern solutions for automation of business processes, as well as specialist services other profile will satisfy the highest demands. In Italy, France, England, Germany and other European countries regularly held sales. One of the fastest growing areas of e-Commerce is a web hosting service (from the English word host), i.e. We can say that Internet Commerce is a separate kind of transaction of sale and purchase, the functionality of which is based on the use of new technologies, and, therefore, requires new solutions. One of the fastest growing areas of e-Commerce is a web hosting service (from the English word host), i.e. Sold as editions in General, users are not sent in print and in electronic form, and advertising space, which immediately opened new avenues of sales.

The meaning of the term "electronic commerce" has changed over the last 30 years. Originally, "electronic commerce" meant the facilitation of commercial transactions electronically, usually using technology like Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), where both were introduced in the late 1970s, for example, to send commercial documents like purchase orders or invoices electronically. Accordingly, began to develop areas such as currency exchange and other operations related to Finance. You also cannot lose sight of the need for further promotion of the resource, because a successful Internet Commerce without proper advertising is impossible. After the introduction of the Customs Union of new rules for international mail, according to which during a one calendar month, without payment of fees can be obtained from abroad goods worth up to 1000 euros, began to gain momentum so-called online shopping in foreign online stores. Therefore guarantee the successful implementation of business deals on the Internet is originally a professional approach. The use of the world wide web can be substantially simplified, and out of the warehouse various files it turned into quite a structured space, you can work with it without problems. He does not have to go to the store to choose the right product: it is enough to view the specifications on the website of the provider, select the desired configuration and order your product with shipping. This resource is an advertising medium and has positioned the company in the Internet. As is known, the process of buying and selling is impossible without money. This website provides all the necessary information about the firm and contact details and the details of that gives the opportunity of communication with competent staff. Art to feel the need of the buyer and promptly to meet it in full.


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